My first lesbian experience

I’ll start with my appearance, like many people, and tell you a few words about myself. I am a petite girl with big breasts and a lush ass. At one time I had to sit for hours in gyms to keep my weight under control. But now my slim waist perfectly emphasizes my figure.

I am from a small town, but during my studies, I moved to a big city and stayed here to live and work. Only fun life in the dorm has been replaced by a measured everyday life in a schema apartment with a seemingly respectable roommate. I moved in with a girl with the beautiful name Angelina almost immediately after graduation. She was a couple of years older than me, taller and generally very graceful, only with small boobs.
We got along quite well and also rarely saw each other. But that all changed with the quarantine. As a girl, I can safely claim inexplicable female logic and the fact that our actions sometimes do not even match it. All of us femme bitches know such a concept as synchronization of cycles. And for this reason, all-female teams are doomed to unbearable working conditions. So while Angelina and I rarely saw each other, everything was fine. But the so-called self-isolation brought all the discontent to the surface. We fought about everything. About the volume of the music, about early or late delivery of food, about cleaning, and so on and so forth.

The lack of boyfriends was also taking its toll. I had broken up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago, and Angelina had been without a boyfriend for a couple of months. Eventually, by the end of the month, our fights had escalated into confrontations.

As it turned out, unlike me, my roommate used to go to some kind of wrestling event. So my resistance was broken, and soon I was lying under my rival on the couch with my hands pressed against my chest. But Angelina did not move on. Suddenly the anger was gone from her face, and she began to breathe deeply. The roommate suddenly dug into my lips; I didn’t even have time to think of anything before she switched to my neck. She kissed me passionately and nibbled gently. I was already unable to resist, but after this sudden action, I was also rapidly becoming horny. Although I had no experience other than drunken kisses with my female friends, I could hardly stop myself.

When our lips touched again, I responded to the kiss. Our tongues began to intertwine, and her grip loosened. I acted instinctively. I wrapped my arms and legs around my slim girlfriend, trying to pull her against me as tightly as possible. She moved closer to my ear and gently ran her tongue along the edge. Instantly, goosebumps spread over my body and I moaned.

– Let’s go to bed, Angelina whispered, getting up and gently dragging me by the hand.

I followed her like I was hypnotized.

– Do you know what to do?
– I know very well that you watched lesbian porn, I watched it too. You better shut up and stay focused.

When we were near her bed, I decided to take the initiative. I pushed the bitch into the bed, jumped on top of her, and pulled my T-shirt off. Her nimble hands quickly grasped my lush size four breasts. She caressed my nipples, which had long been sticking out with incredible arousal. Inexplicably, Angelina found herself on top of me. Quickly ridding me of my panties, she gently touched my wet pussy and made me curve with a sweet sensation. It was clear that my mistress was just as horny as she was, and besides, she wasn’t about to cede the lead role to me. Not a minute later Angelina followed me completely undressed and sat on top of me so that her shaved pussy was above my face. She clung to the back of the bed and rubbed her crotch against my lips. I had to act fast.

I had never experienced such a high before. But for everyone’s information. In reality, lesbian sex is a little different than what we’re used to seeing on our screens. I mean, don’t shove your tongue where it’s not asked. Then of course you can shove it deeper and not just in your vagina, but you shouldn’t start with that, not for guys or girls.
I ended up doing what I would have liked to do myself. Namely, I passionately fondled my clit, and then I dared to put my finger in my friend’s wet pussy. I could hear my mistress moaning sweetly, and thank whatever it was that she had cum quickly because I was gasping for breath as she pressed her pussy harder and harder against my face with every thrust. But the slight gasp had an even stronger effect on me.

Angelina leaned over me, her hair falling over my face.

– It was divine. Now, sweetheart, it’s your turn,” she whispered languidly, then ran her tongue over my plump lips.

Her kisses began to descend lower and lower, and soon I could feel the gentle touch on my pubis and the hot breath on my tiny, intimate haircut.

– Put this on – a sleep mask flew into my face from nowhere, though I could hardly see anything around me as it was because my eyes were constantly rolling up in ecstasy.

All I had to do was obey, and it was for good reason. Soon I felt something wet and cold on my pussy and on my ass. By the time I realized it was lube, and I guessed what Angelina was up to, it was too late. She sharply inserted her fingers into both of my holes at the same time. I couldn’t even moan, let alone scream, because of the surprise. It was so satisfying, though, that even if I had screamed, it would have been purely for pleasure. And that very pleasure was yet to come.

My bossy girlfriend was clearly not going to limit herself to masturbation alone. In a few moments, I was enjoying not only masturbation but also cunnilingus. I had no idea that sex with a girl could be so sensual. Besides, anal penetration was so painless that all I had to do was moan and come close to orgasm. I wanted with all my might to stretch out the pleasure, but the approaching peak of pleasure was inexorable. The cunny and double masturbation did their job, and I began to cum, as I had never cum before. The few guys could not achieve such a result, I myself could not even get close to it.

In ten minutes after it was over, we wanted to do it all again. Now it was time to experiment since curiosity got the upper hand. We had a couple of dildos and a lot of lubricant at our disposal, so I fucked with Angelina until late at night, after which we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Now the coronavirus won’t stop us from waiting quietly for the quarantine to end. Although we continue to fight a little, reconciliation comes very quickly along with powerful orgasms. By the way, a courier is about to arrive with an anonymously packaged strap-on, and while my girlfriend, I finish the last lines and wait for the doorbell to ring. After all, we have just as much of a tumultuous night planned as our first quarantined experience with lesbian sex.